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Willpower Strategies to Help You Quit Smoking

Counter the Thought of Smoking

Using ‘countering thoughts’ can be a very effective willpower trick when a smoking craving strikes.

Take a look at the willpower thoughts below and see which ones might help you counter your craving thoughts.

  • Read each thought, one at a time. 
  • After each one, close your eyes and picture a typical situation where you would normally be smoking, e.g. after a meal
  • Repeat the thought in your own mind

“If I have one cigarette, I will almost certainly go back to smoking. I don’t want that.”

“I’ve come this far; I don’t want to take a step backwards now.”

“I’m hanging for a smoke, but I will stay a non-smoker because… (tell yourself your own reasons for wanting to stay quit).”

“The craving is there, but it will pass. No craving lasts forever.”

“This craving is just my brain tricking me into smoking. I don’t want or need to smoke.”

“One cigarette will hurt. I’ll use my nicotine replacement therapy instead.”

“I am strong. I can handle this.”

“I am a non-smoker.”

“I don’t smoke.”

“I want to stay healthy.”

Next time you’re faced with a nicotine craving, why not give these willpower thoughts a go?

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