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Willpower Strategies to Help You Quit Smoking

Try These Simple Willpower Exercises

Do you already have a set of willpower tactics to use during your quit smoking journey? Maybe you’ve even been able to talk yourself out of smoking and into staying a non-smoker when faced with a nicotine craving?

If so, well done!

If not, don’t worry, as new willpower techniques are easy to learn. In fact, did you know it’s possible to strengthen your willpower muscle by adding new ideas to your own set of willpower strategies?

Remember, different willpower strategies work for different people. Although it’s not known which ones will help you, some smokers have said that these thought exercise have helped them get through tricky situations.

Use these links to view some simple willpower exercises that might help:

Bonus Tip: Catch Smoking Cravings Before They Take Hold

When you’re trying to quit smoking, the best way to stay on track is to catch nicotine cravings early, before they have time to develop.

When a craving approaches, you may notice a thought like this enter your mind: “One cigarette won’t hurt” or “Maybe I’ll only have one cigarette”. This can make things tricky!

So what can you do in this situation? The trick is to recognise the craving and tackle it with another powerful thought, such as “This is a nicotine craving; if I use my willpower, it will pass.”

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