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Quit Smoking Support from the NSW Quitline

What is the NSW Quitline?

The NSW Quitline is a free and confidential telephone service providing customised assistance to help you with your quit smoking attempt.

How can I access the NSW Quitline?

To contact the NSW Quitline, simply dial 13 7848 (13 QUIT).

The cost of your call is the same as a local call from a landline, with higher costs for mobiles.

Once you’ve contacted the NSW Quitline, there is an option to request an automatic return call – this means you’ll only have to pay for making the initial contact.

The NSW Quitline Advisors (including Aboriginal and multilingual advisors) are available at the following times:

  • Monday – Friday: 7am to 10:30pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 9am to 5pm

You can also leave a message with the NSW Quitline at any time (make sure you leave your name and contact number so a NSW Quitline Advisor can call you back).

If preferred, you can click here to make an online request for a NSW Quitline call-back.

Who are the NSW Quitline Advisors?

NSW Quitline Advisors are qualified professionals with specialist training in helping people stop smoking.

Advisors can assist you with preparing to quit, avoiding slip-ups, and staying smoke-free.

Callers to the NSW Quitline can also choose to join the free call-back service, which schedules additional supportive calls from a NSW Quitline Advisor. 

The Quit Kit is a set of paper-based resources to help you quit smoking. Click here to learn more about Quit Kit and order your copy.

Aboriginal Quitline

The Aboriginal Quitline is available for residents of NSW and the ACT.

It is is a culturally-sensitive, free and confidential telephone service providing customised assistance to help you with your quit smoking attempt. You can access the Aboriginal Quitline by calling 13 7848 and asking to speak to an Aboriginal Advisor.

Aboriginal Quitline Advisors can give you tips on how to quit smoking, help you develop a quit plan, assist you with managing cravings, and provide information on quit smoking medications and products.

They can also call you back to provide further support and check how your quit smoking journey is progressing.

For more information on the Aboriginal Quitline, download the brochure.

Information for Health Professionals 

NSW Quitline information for health professionals is available from the Cancer Institute NSW. 

Click here to order Quitline resources

Click here to refer a patient or client to the NSW Quitline

NSW Multilingual Quitlines

If you require assistance in a language other than English, you can speak to a Multilingual Quitline Advisor in any of the following languages:

  • Arabic: الخط العربي للإقلاع عن التدخين   Quitline 1300 7848 03 (Monday and Tuesday 9 am to 7 pm; Wednesday 9 am to 5 pm; Sunday 9 am to 5 pm)
  • Vietnamese: Đường dây tiếng Việt về bỏ hút thuốc. Quitline 1300 7848 65 (Monday 10 am to 6 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 3 pm; Friday 8.30am to 2 pm)
  • Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin): 中文戒烟热线 Quitline 1300 7848 36 (Cantonese: Wednesday 2 to 10pm, Thursday 3 to 10.30 pm, Saturday 9 am to 5 pm; Mandarin: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm).

Please note these hours are subject to change as required. For all other languages, a telephone interpreter service can be arranged.

Watch in-language voiceover versions below:

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