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Professional Quit Smoking Support

Advice & Support for Quitting Smoking

Did you know that professional quit smoking support can dramatically increase your chances of quitting?

Seeking support from a qualified health professional is a great way of enhancing your own strengths and abilities – it’s certainly not a sign of weakness!

The list below shows how much each professional support service can increase your chance of quitting, compared to no assistance:

  • Multiple calls with the NSW Quitline: 25-50% increase
  • Individual counselling to help you quit smoking: 40% increase
  • Quit smoking advice from your doctor: 66% increase
  • Attending a quit smoking group: 98% increase
  • Combining any one type of professional support with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or a prescribed quit smoking medication: 70-100% increase

Good to Know: If you decide to seek help from a counsellor or quit smoking group, it’s important to check whether the counsellor has had specialist training in helping people quit smoking.

The NSW Quitline can put you in touch with local quit smoking services in your area. Call 13 7848 / 13 QUIT or click here to request a call-back from the NSW Quitline.

How much does professional quit smoking support cost?

Calls to the NSW Quitline from a landline are charged at the standard local rate. The cost from a mobile may be higher.

Once you’ve contacted the NSW Quitline, there is an option to request an automatic return call – this means you’ll only have to pay for making the initial call.

Find out more about NSW Quitline.

The cost of other professional quit smoking support services can vary. Some are free of charge or provided at minimal cost, while other health care professionals may charge additional consultation fees.

Medicare rebates from a registered psychologist are not currently available for smoking cessation in Australia.

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