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Nicotine Replacement Combination Therapy

What is Combination Therapy?

Combination therapy means using two forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy together – a nicotine patch and an oral NRT product. It’s like having an extra member on your ‘quit smoking support team’!

Some smokers find they have more success by starting with combination therapy straight away, rather than waiting to see if one product is enough on its own.

Just as with a single form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, 8-12 weeks is the recommended timeframe for combination NRT.

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Is combination therapy effective?

Combination therapy generally provides better results than just using one form of NRT. It may be particularly useful for heavy smokers with a higher nicotine dependency.

By including combination therapy in your quit smoking plan, you can wear a nicotine patch during the day, but also use any of the faster-acting oral NRT products to handle sudden cravings that are hard to manage.

For example, some cravings can be tricky to deal with early in the morning before your nicotine patch has had time to work. With combination therapy, you can reach for your oral NRT to beat the craving.

Won’t I get too much nicotine with combination therapy?

Don’t worry – research shows that as long as this type of therapy is suitable for you (on the advice of your GP or pharmacist), there is no increased risk of side effects.

Remember, the nicotine dosage in NRT products is generally much lower than those found in tobacco, so combination therapy is a good option if you still experience significant cravings or withdrawals, or are unable to quit with one form of NRT.

Consult your doctor if you experience any symptoms that may be related to NRT.

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