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Alternative quit smoking methods

Some smokers have tried alternative methods to quit smoking.

These include:

  • Acupuncture to quit smoking
  • Lasers to quit smoking
  • Hypnotherapy to quit smoking
  • Herbal cigarettes to quit smoking
  • Electronic cigarettes to quit smoking
  • Herbal preparations to quit smoking

There is no scientific evidence to date to indicate that using any of these alternative quit smoking methods will increase the odds of quitting above evidence-based methods. However, some smokers have commented that alternative quit methods (especially hypnotherapy and acupuncture) have helped them quit smoking.

Most alternative methods haven't had thorough scientific investigation. Some smokers take the view that, as not enough good-quality research has been done, they can't rule out any real beneficial effect from alternative quit smoking methods.

There are concerns among health experts about the safety of electronic cigarettes and liquids because of unregulated doses of nicotine, other chemicals used in e-liquids, exposure to particulate matter and the safety of the electronic cigarette devices themselves. The limited available evidence shows that the safety of electronic cigarettes, liquids and aerosols cannot be guaranteed for users and other people who are exposed to them.


Four things to consider about alternative quit methods

  1. If you feel an alternative approach may be worth a try, then it is a good idea to remain realistic in your expectations of their effectiveness.
  2. Alternative quit smoking methods can be expensive.
  3. Some alternative quit smoking methods (for example, smoking herbal cigarettes) carry other significant risks to your health. You still breathe in smoke that contains cancer-causing chemicals.
  4. If you are looking at trying an alternative quit smoking method, a good question to ask yourself is: 'Am I really just looking for a quick and easy cure?'


There is a lack of evidence to suggest the effectiveness of alternative methods.

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