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Third day of not smoking

Posted in Hints and tips on 25 Aug 2011

Its my third day of not smoking and I feel ok.

I have been keeping myself busy during the day and I have not gone outside during my work breaks I instead do all the things I didnt have time to do like pay my bills ,ring someone , make a cup of cofee.The patches seem to help I have been having strange dreams and I have not been sleeping well. I am really happy that I have made the decison to not smoke.I have also saved money which is really good.

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Profile Image By Ma Ma
August 28, 2011 | 18:19
Keep going Jessica. I have given up after 35 years of smoking and it now makes me feel great that I don't have to go to smoking areas to have a smoke, or to wonder if I am upsetting someone lighting up walking down the street. I used Champix but I don't care what ever it takes get rid of the money grabbers.
Profile Image By chook
September 01, 2011 | 20:00
This is my 3rd day of not smoking to ,im finding that today was harder than the first two days ,had a bad headache and some tummy pains ,been trying to drink plenty of water ,im not giving up though .Well done to you both ..
Profile Image By Head
September 22, 2011 | 19:58
I'm a day two man. Today was harder than yesterday and going by what Chook says its going to be tough tomorrow too. I reckon if we can get through the weekend next week should be better. Keep up the good work guys.
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