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  • Share your experiences. Join a community of quitters. Share your quit smoking story or be inspired by others.

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    Hi all, haven't been here for quite a while but t...

    by Diana, 29/07/2014
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    Been smoke free for 1100 days. Don't crave them a...

    by bryce0800, 29/07/2014
  • way of thinking

    i just wanted to say i had an idea and it goes we...

    by JAWZ, 28/07/2014
  • Stayed in, so I wouldnt smoke

    Smoking is getting easier - but that is all at ho...

    by RSQAPUG, 28/07/2014
  • Changing the mindset

    Never pay any mind to folk complaining about...

    by Fluffy, 6/08/2012

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