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Posted in Hints and tips 07 Feb 2012


Firstly, I'm just so happy to have found a site where us smokers/quiters can access to read about others experiences/feelings and vice versa. I have enjoyed reading the stories, feedback and feeling the support. This will help me to be on my way to a smoke free life.

I am 22 years of age but started smoking about a pack of 25 cigarettes a day since the age of about 14 and a half years old. I know this sounds terribly young for such a heavy smoker but I want to express my honesty.

Both my parents quit smoking when I was in Primary School but my mother took it back up when I entered High School and still continues till this day. I still live with my mother and know it does make it harder to quit because I feel as if I need to go outside with her to have a smoke by her side. (Learnt in previous attempt).

This aside, I have a beautiful daughter and she is one of my main reasons for wanting and needing to quit. I want to spend as much time on earth as I can with her and want to be a positive role model. Other reasons are for my health, fitness, life expectancy and money expenses.....actually the list goes on.

I don't use any other form of drugs and drink alcohol on a rare occassion. Smoking has for a long time, been such a priority and time consuming addiction in my life. I think the hardest part for me to stay off the cigarettes, is that I find I have made it an excuse, a comfort, a social tool, a habit, confidence tool and a way of life really.

I have been thinking about quitting smoking since about 2007 and have attempted quite a few times to quit. The thing I lack when I'm off the cigarettes, is my self-confidence. I become scared. I'm frightened of the symptoms (anger etc) as I've experienced it before and was scared of becoming that different person again. I know in my heart and mind that I do want to quit and that I'm ready.

I have noticed a horrible change in my health as well. I've put on allot of weight, I snore, I huff and puff walking up stairs and going for a run, when sick with the cold I have a horrible cough and wheeze (asthma comes out), I cough fequently even when I'm not sick and it's usually to get flem up and out, a bit of my gums have discoloured (black markings), breath has an odour, skin breakouts........All at 22 years of age. Imagine if it continued!

Now if this doesn't give me enough willpower to quit then I know what will! And that would be the great support from you guys out there who understand what I am going through.

I am getting starting with my quitting experience. I have decided to go cold turkey but if need be I will buy some gum to help with cravings. I will be starting on Thursday the 9/02/12.

Thank you so much!

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  • MickeyJ, Southern NSW February 07, 2012 | 7:21
    Welcome to the Cold Turkey Club. You seem to have it all sorted in your mind. All the right reasons to quit. You can do it. Good luck.
  • dr.feelgood, Western NSW February 07, 2012 | 7:33
    good news that you are going to quit, cold turkey is a big step, i would see a doctor the coughing and wheezing and the phlegm, and the other symtoms, i would be having a doctor take a look, but that is me, anyway all the best with the quiting and goodluck.
  • trish k, Central Coast February 07, 2012 | 8:51
    Good luck Adelle you can do it. I thought the only way I would ever give up is if they locked me in rehab unit somewhere up on Mt Everest but I was surprised and dam determined to quit the filthy things after 39 years of smoking. Adelle hang in there, its one day at a time and at the end of everyday congratulate yourself for having achieved something really great....go girl all the best
  • Bubbleytoes53, Illawarra Shoalhaven February 07, 2012 | 9:35
    Hey Adelle,

    You are certainly in the right mind frame to set yourself up for amazing success.. Fantastic!

    When you are going through really though times you need to remember all of these reasons for wanting to quit, they will keep you plodding along. Write them down to remind you if you need to. You could even write them on the back of a picture of your baby girl..

    Goodluck with your quit, take your life back with every breath of clean air!!

    You can do it!!
  • adelle, Nepean Blue Mountains February 07, 2012 | 19:27
    Thank you to all of you for your comments and support :-)

    Mickey J I am jumping on the band wagon :)Reading your stories has inspired me to stick with it.

    Dr. feelgood I agree with you that my symptoms could be serious. I will see how my health improves when I stop smoking and will get a check up.

    Trish k you made me laugh :-)And I also understand that feeling. But a BIG congrats to you! Wow 39 years and you still did it!

    Bubbleytoes53, you pointed out some really important points! I will def be keeping that in mind.

    Thanks again all of you. I'm sure it won't be the last time you will hear from me!

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