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Lizzie 1
Western NSW

33 Days

Posted in Staying quit 30 Sep 2016

Love being a non smoker , even when I am crazy for a cigarette I am sure I am right . Every day I am healthier and richer and even though it is early days I am getting less cravings and my good days are great !!

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  • Greenman88 September 30, 2016 | 20:22
    Nice to read your post !! I'm at day 11 and already feeling much better every day :)
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney September 30, 2016 | 21:12
    Well that's good news. Write down about how good you feel and keep it in your wallet to look at when the occasional dark day pounces on you.
    Well done you.
  • AllyV September 30, 2016 | 21:20
    Good on you. I'm day 23 and feeling great too. Stay strong.
  • CF October 02, 2016 | 23:35
    AWESOME! 33 Days is a great milestone! I can promise you that you will feel better and stronger each day you stay away from the smokes! Im 74 days deep and loving it! I REALLY love that i dont smell like my stinky, smoking co-workers!.....gross lol
  • Nannette, Hunter New England October 03, 2016 | 20:40
    Goooooo Lizzie you are going so well. I am right beside you on this one. Just gotta keep smilin smugly to ourselves about how strong and clever we are but most of all think about how dog determined we are. I keep looking for your posts now. Nice to have a buddy on the journey. X

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