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Posted in Quit experiences 25 Sep 2016

Whenever I would leave the house, I'd make sure that I'd have everything before going. I would say to myself "Wallet, phone, keys, smokes, lighter" They were the 5 things I needed with me at all times, everything else didn't matter.

NOW, 200+ days later, I still say "Wallet, phone, keys, smokes, lighter" for the life of me I can't get out of the habit.

Maybe it's a metaphor for the idea that no matter what, I'm always going to carry the addiction with me. It may no longer control me but it will always be there and it's just another piece of baggage I'll have to carry through life.

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  • Bootsscooter, Hunter New England September 29, 2016 | 6:47
    Hahaha. Yes. Me too. I stand stunned for that whole 20 seconds, hmmm, looking for what I have forgotten.
    It's a great mindfulness exercise ;)
  • roseymour September 26, 2016 | 20:39
    I love this :) My bag feels so empty now!
  • Larch, Hunter New England September 26, 2016 | 12:09
    he he he - I can now buy clothes WITHOUT pockets, as I don't need pockets to put cigarettes in anymore!!
  • jenno211058 September 25, 2016 | 21:21
    Oh how much I can relate to this I smoked Rollies and always pre rolled a certain amount for the day put them in a pouch...but if I was going out to work, shopping or visiting, I always opened my pouch up to check that there would be enough smokes there for my time away from the house, but now that phase has passed me by, just phone and purse now.
    Well done Gebstar on your 200+
  • Chezzel September 25, 2016 | 20:13
    Loved reading this post, it made me smile, because the number of times I have got ready to leave the house and checking I have everything, I have often stood there thinking what have I forgotten?????lol
  • Jano, Sydney September 25, 2016 | 16:44
    Hey Gebstar,
    I also still check my pocket for a lighter before I leave the house, then I remember I don't smoke. Funny that, I think we need to be on guard always to beat our habits. Goodluck you are doing great & I cant wait for 73 days to turn into 200 days.

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