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$75 000 goal...

Posted in Staying quit 09 Dec 2015
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So good to see the increase on the savings calculator. $10 000 was a desirable goal but I would imagine that now those who have surpassed this amount will be astounded to see the amount they have saved from the ashtray. For those in the early stages with savings of a few hundred dollars or early thousands it is so motivating to see such a large pot of money at the "end of the rainbow". Some will get there after 10 or 15 years. Some, even less. That depends on how much they were smoking and also how much the government chooses to increase the cost of a pack/carton. I am still pinching myself having reached 193 days and $4000+ saved. That is a really good "pay rise"...

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1 Comment

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  • James Myl December 09, 2015 | 17:28
    Yeah... You are right , Keep it up Lia!!!

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