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84 days with a new friend for huge help

Posted in Staying quit 04 Aug 2015

A big hello to everyone and I'm 84 days free of the stinkies :)

For those of you who have been following my story, you know I am Vaping this time, using this type of NRT to finally win.

I am still so happy, calm, in control and over the moon with this type of Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

It's SO CHEAP to use and indeed, it's bubble gum flavour this month.

I have had no set backs, not too many close calls, I can have a few drinks without ending up the owner of a packet of cigarettes and I can survive, plus WIN the 24/7 smell of my next door neighbour, when she is smoking on her balcony.

There is something else I would like to share with everyone,,,

Just remember how many days you have been a winner, fighting those NASTY CIGARETTE COMPANIES who want you to smoke so much.

They want your money, they want your health and they want your pride.

Hit them hard, hit them with your will to be richer and so much healthier.

Hate them with all of your will to be smoke free. You deserve to be free of their grip and YOU deserve to be smoke free.

AND if you need to smoke, remember to VAPE INSTEAD...

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  • Lindavan, Western Sydney August 04, 2015 | 14:42
    A few of my friends VAPE and for them it's all positive too.
  • Lizzie 1, Western NSW August 04, 2015 | 16:26
    VAPE ??what is this
  • VapeInstead, Northern Sydney August 04, 2015 | 18:19
    Hi Lizzie 1 - For my opinion, you can check out the thread 'Vaping' which is at this site, in the staying quit section. You can also check it out on youtube.

    Best wishes for you.

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