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3 months mark

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Jun 2022
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Hi All, I’ve reached 3 months. I’m so proud. I do get the odd craving but I just breath and in my mind I say to myself “cigarettes are disgusting “. It has been tough, especially in February but I’m fully convinced now that the most painless and effective way to quit smoking is cold turkey. I’m well aware that I am in recovery and I know I am vulnerable so I must not slip up or I’ll be back to square one.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness June 03, 2022 | 0:37
    Congratulations Mol, you did it. You prepared for 9 months, got into the right mindset and are achieving your dream. It is well worth the effort involved , and so much easier when we WANT to do it and BELIEVE that we can. Yes, I agree that cold turkey is the quickest and most effective way, but to each their own. The most important thing is remaining smoke free and nicotine free too. How you get there is unimportant.

    I also found forums to be most beneficial. It is how I learned about the nicotine addiction, myself and to believe that I really could quit smoking after 40 plus years. A HEAVY uncontrollable smoker who smoked at every opportunity. I know you can continue to be smoke free if that is what you truly want, and who has ever wished to be a smoker? The hard part is behing, and a brighter, healthier future awaits you. Again Congratulations.... we all CAN quit smoking.

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