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2 years free

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Apr 2022
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Yesterday marked 2 years of being completely nicotine free!!! 🎉🎉 I used this website daily (for about 4 months) to help me realize that others were going through the same symptoms I was not alone. Together we are doing it guys!!!! Smoking or vaping nicotine doesn’t control my daily routine anymore, and it feels so good!

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness April 05, 2022 | 4:46
    I too am elated about the freedom from smoking and found my way with the help of a site like this. I strongly encourage people to continue with frequent visits even after being successful. Not only does it add reinforcement, but postings such as yours lend belief to others and help them to succeed as well.

    We can quit smoking. And it feels sooooo good!
    Congratulations on your 2 year milestone!

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