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Posted in Reasons to quit 10 Nov 2021

My reasons for quitting are definitely about health and relationships and mental health. I find my quoting for a few days really opens people up otherwise I find I get the cold shoulder quit alot and people listening to me will often go out the window. Maybe it's the smoking maybe it's something deeper I don't know but I do see improvement in my relationships when I manage without it only for a few days. I must have spent over $20,000 during my 5 short years with the habit. Just as the proces started to go up I was really in it. My skin is going back to normal now that I have been on patches and running a few days in a row without it. Energy is still really low, exercise is kinda off the cards for me still. Been in hospital once already I was only 29! Felt like I was breathing out of a straw. Doctors kept me there for 2 weeks alone. I left in a hurry but I wish I had stayed to really kick the habit.

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