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Hunter New England


Posted in Reasons to quit 27 May 2021

Hey ya all I telling use know the past few days have been hard on me with my health and my lungs aren’t going to good. My beautiful daughters reminded me today why I have to give it up. So if I don’t go on here I’m just not well enough. Monday is going to be by day I don’t smoke.

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  • Happiness May 28, 2021 | 0:28
    I am so GRATEFUL that i quit. 2. 1/2 years ago I do not know if I would have recovered after my stroke in Jan. /20.....and you thoughyt it was a bad year!

    Actually, I feel very lucky . There are worse things than death.

    Start appreciating what you do have. Learn from the past and make a REAL plan and follow through. You are lucky. You found this site.

    I never thought that i could quit either, until I saw lots of others doing it. So many moaning about it, but hubby said it was like having the flu for a couple days. Piece of cake.
    Yes, I did find it easy. So do millions of others who quit on their won without need of this site. We share information in hope some will learn about themselves, their desires, their triggers and most of all i hope they find the real DESIRE to be a non-smoker. Don't think of it as quitting or giving up anything, but CHOOSING to change for a better quality of life. It can be easy to change when we have motivation to and the BELIEF that we can.

    I know you can do this. I don't really want you moaning everyday and dragging others down. Especially if you won't help yourself.

    I am looking forward to your post next week of how you kept busy and kept positive while you slayed nicotine. I want to hear a change in attitude and how much better you are feeling the breathing in just hours.

    Until then, you will be busy reflecting,, standing in a corner getting your fix........then watching , reading and getting ready .for the new you.
    Until then.....
  • Happiness May 28, 2021 | 0:08
    Then you have reason more than others to quit immediately. You health for starters, and to spare your family to agony to watching what you are doing to yourself. It really is your CHOICE. You had the old days, and now is time to look to the future. What do YOU choose?

    Sorry if it sounds harsh, but there really seems there is no time to spare now , is there?

    You are not special.
    Anyone can quit smoking.
    Have to watched the vidio softly recommended?
    Have you read Allan Carr's book is so generously give the link to despite being warned.
    Click on happiness above and find it.
    Read and Learn.
    We can't do it for you.
    God helps those who helps themselves.
  • Katiegirl, Hunter New England May 27, 2021 | 11:48
    Hey happiness I am doing it for them and myself as my lungs are not going good I probably be on oxygen in a few as my lungs aren’t good they just remind me that they want me to be here to see the grandkids
  • Happiness May 27, 2021 | 9:09
    You do understand that you can't quit to please loved ones. It is YOU who needs to WANT to quit. Only by reading our stories and finding your personal reason to quit will you. That is the first thing for a successful permanent quit. Understanding why you smoke, how you began, and discovering even more reasons to quit. We feed pride in quitting something that we never before believed that we could do. That pride leads to more self confidence in all areas of our life. We did it. BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN. Feel better and post again when you feel more positive. We don't use the word CAN/T.
    Quitting needs not be hard. It is all in the mind. Read learn and change your attitude.

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