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Hunter New England

50 days smoke free!

Posted in Reasons to quit 09 Mar 2021

So 50 days so far, 50 bloody days! can't believe how quick it's gone... so since i was last here a couple weeks ago i think i have still been on track with no smoking, i've gradually started not even thinking about it maybe a slight little bit in the back of my head but not as bad, and the champix is going well with just the 1 tablet for me it's great! I still get irritable and such but not as much as i did, i do have bad days but i try and do different things, im also doing breathing exercises especially when i get anxious and down a bit i just breathe and also tell me myself it's going to be okay, and i keep pushing myself im going to see through the 24 weeks and i can't wait until i've completed the champix even though it slightly stops cravings it still gives me slight headaches at times and some days i might feel a bit off.. But props to Champix for stopping the cravings a bit but me myself have actually pushed myself not to mostly and im going to keep pushing! It just feels good not have to spend your last bit of money on cigarettes' and the smell and taste would be god awful by now lol.. But thanks everyone for the support the last time You all can do it just keep pushing through! :)

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  • Happiness March 10, 2021 | 0:05
    Yes you can Mia88. Yes you can.

    Push for the mindset. Your'e on your way.
  • matik_one March 10, 2021 | 2:11
    Nice, very nice.. 50days that something what worth celebration.. dream of many many smokers.. and you did it.. great.. be proud of yourself and go for more.. :)
  • Mia88, Hunter New England April 22, 2021 | 10:11
    hey all.. so 94 days smoke free! longest i ever done i have still been taking champix 1 tablet every afternoon at the start it stopped cravings and such and as couple months have went on now i feel not as bad as i did, i don't feel the need to smoke nor do i want to i've saved so much money not doing it and saving my health as well! So far so good! almost finished champix but i'll continue to push on!

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