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I Am Being Burnt At The Stake

Posted in Hints and tips 08 Mar 2021

good morning 2 all those who love me

i took a month hiatus in order to clear my head. and since then even more of my stories have been taken down. i don't think u understand, this website is my online diary.

also found out that this guy called new chapter wrote a story about ME. 1. i am not a troll i talk about my life that gives me temptations 2 smoke and 2. for the last time i am she/they not HIM or IT 

4 all the haters.... i am glad that i live in ur mind rent free. some find my personal experiences 2 b entertaining & fun the haters r all apart of the alt right and is trying to remove MY freedom of speech 

not 2day sweetheart 

-Chwoe, back with a vegeance

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