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Posted in Quit experiences 04 Mar 2021

Hi all am on day 5 and this time I can honestly say have not had one puff which is amazing. Still feeling tired and appetite is a little better but am just taking it day by day. Thank you all for the encouragement and feedback it makes me so determined not to fail this time. I do suffer depression but that’s okay and am so proud of myself as I have always sneaked some puffs not this time. A great distraction which has made a huge difference is I bought a jigsaw puzzle and have set it up and keeping my mind busy. Once again thanks to all and I know everyday will get easier and easier. Best wishes

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  • Happiness March 05, 2021 | 0:14
    I am glad you are doing better Evergreen and you can quit this time. Think positive. You are practiced and are stronger than nicotine. You are not alone and capable of escaping the tyranny like the rest of us. Knowledge and the attitude make the difference. QUITTING SMOKING CAN BE EASY.
  • Evergreen March 05, 2021 | 10:07
    Thank you. Yes I may just do this. I guess some days will be better than others but that life . This is a roller coaster ride and I am staying on. Positive wishes to all.

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