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Nicotene lozenges

Posted in Quit experiences 24 Feb 2021

Gday,133 days,since a ciggy,bout 5th attempt,my problem is,i think im addicted to tje lozenges, when i try to go cold turkey on them,its like me body is shutting down. Has any one else had same thing? Cheers

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  • Happiness February 25, 2021 | 0:47
    Welcome. Nrts have nicotine in them, so yes you are still addicted to nicotine. If you read my response to others who posted today, you will gain knowledge and be directed in learning what we call the mindset. Your body will follow what your mind directs. When you are Happy to be a non-smoker and have no desire to continue smoking, you can wean your self off of nicotine. You are missing the jolts of dopamine or Happy serum that smoking delivered in that first puff. Find ways to replace it with other good feelings and thoughts. Hugs, love, learning, lavender and exercise is a big one.

    When you want something you find a way or you find an excuse.
  • Red-67 February 25, 2021 | 9:43
    The worst part is, that the nicotine lozenges are really just a placebo, but they keep your brain supplied, and make your quit longer. The only NRT I would recommend, is a disposable E-cig, with nicotine, used simply as a tool, with an otherwise cold turkey quit. I have seen it work quite well. But, at this point, I would just suggest that you force yourself to taper off them, as quickly as possible. You may well be supplying your brain with more nicotine than smoking did. You don't HAVE to drop them cold turkey.. Take control, and keep putting them off, until you can be free. :)
  • Robn February 25, 2021 | 10:49
    Hi, yes my sister was addicted to the lozenges, as Red has advised just cut down on how many you are having each day, slowly. It can can be done but is up to you to take control back

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