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106 days & still get Brain Fog / anxiety

Posted in Quit experiences 04 Feb 2021

Hi All, great to be here. I started about 12 & stopped after turning 50.

This is my 2 nd attempt, 1st one was using Champix & sent me round the looney bin ! (Or so I thought).

I saw a hypnotist this time & it has worked for me, but same thing has happened, stopping smoking has sent me round the bend again, depressed, anxiety, so so tired all the time, my GP has me now (last 40 days) taking Zoloft (50mg) to try & correct my state of mind.

It’s very difficult some days, but there are more good days than bad days.

You’d think after this long the mind would settle back down, good news is, I’m not smoking anymore, but it does make you question whether it’s all worth giving up at this age 🤔

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  • Red-67 February 05, 2021 | 5:25
    Just my opinion, but at 100+ days, I doubt what you are feeling is really from physical withdrawal. If the problems are even related to smoking, at this point, I would imagine it all in your head. Don't get me wrong, the mind is a powerful thing, but we can take control. Make sure, in your mind, that you do not, or never did, need to smoke. Make it something you simply never WANT again. This really can be as easy as you make it. All too often, some quit smoking, even stay quit, but never let go of the want. You should not have to struggle to stay quit. Let them go. Move on. and stop thinking like a smoker :)
  • Happiness February 05, 2021 | 7:34
    I totally agree with the above. If you really feel that quitting is not worth a little time and effort and even uncomfortable for all of the long time gain, perhaps you are making excuses. Read our stories and find the desire and the love of being a non-smoker. You really are not missing out on anything. Let it go and enjoy your new status. Raise your dopamine naturally with food and good thoughts. Hugs, kisses, contentment. Use lavender, chocolate, learning and meditation. Even exercise helps to balance everything. Doctors are quit to medicate the symptom without finding the cause.

    Be happy. Accept. Embrace. Many only wish they could trade places with you.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast February 05, 2021 | 10:58
    I agree in part with what has been said above, but one thing I need to say is, that Goldwing has a condition which is currently being treated by a doctor, so the reasoning will be more complex than just changing your mind set.

    Goldwing, I think that you need to distinguish between your so called withdrawal symptons which I agree you might be misinterpreting, as coming from the source of the nictotine drug. You are not showing withdrawal symptons, but you may be having some anxiety issues, which I hope are being treated by your doctor. We are complex beings and one size does not fit all. I also want to say hearty congratulations for being smoke free with your particular medical problem.
  • Normm, South Eastern Sydney February 05, 2021 | 19:29
    Five weeks today without a smoke for me and almost two weeks since I even used a nicotine patch. I agree with the above, it's mostly in your mind. If you convince yourself you no longer want to smoke then you no longer need to smoke.
    I still hang around smokers and them smoking in front of me is no problem. Just be positive and believe in yourself. Anything is possible with the right mind-set.
  • Mia88, Hunter New England February 08, 2021 | 8:14
    I have been taking champix, i started the 14th jan. i've been 3 weeks smoke free so far the tablet has helped, But what i don't like is it makes me feel like i dont know how to explain it somedays feel like im not all there or something like in another world is that normal? Also i have a doctors appointment on wednesday to get my second subscription for it but im going to talk to the doctor about how i feel because i don't really like taking the night tablet as it makes me feel unwell and also gives me headaches a bit and my mood feels different to me. I want to keep pushing as i really don't want to smoke anymore it costs to much and it's no good for my health i just can't do it cold turkey as i've tried and i went back to smoking, does anyone have any tips and stuff about how to deal if you feel your mood is on another planet? cause im not a fan of the feeling.
  • Rb18 February 10, 2021 | 8:14
    It is worth it . I’ve realized quitting any habit is mostly psychological. It’s not the habit itself that makes it hard . NRT over the counter has helped me a lot. Hang in there and stay strong 💪
  • Time2Bfree February 10, 2021 | 13:59
    Hi Goldwing,

    I am on day 20 of not smoking - using NRT not Champix - and definitely feeling depressed and anxious. A friend of mine is quitting with me, and she is the same. Both of her previous attempts have come unstuck due to becoming depressed. I suspect that I (and my friend) have used smoking to help us 'manage' underlying depression and anxiety for many, many years and this obviously becomes more difficult when we stop. I am considering seeing my GP about getting back on to the antidepressants that I stopped years ago. There is reason that smoking rates are much higher, and quit attempts much lower, among people who have a mental illness - perhaps even the milder ones like anxiety and depression. The good news is that you haven't picked up the cigs again and, instead, are working on ways to help you manage any underlying issues. Smoking was just a way of avoiding doing that - a massive, years long avoidance. At least this is what I tell myself :) So well done!

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