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Staying Focussed

Posted in Staying quit 21 Jan 2021
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I wish i didn't live with a smoker! Its soo annoying when i smell that smoke or see the ashtray. Although he knows I'm quitting, it is tempting to ask for one. Willpower be with me as its been so far.. Otherwise i'm remaining focussed and understand the addiction was nicotine and not the cigarette. I have 14mg patches now and 4mg gum to chew, just staying on top of it distractions aside. Good luck to everyone on their journey!

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness January 21, 2021 | 15:26
    My spouse would not have smoked near me had I not insisted. I was the one who wanted to quit smoking (even though it was always he who made the suggestion from time to time). He was terrified that he would have to quit

    I hope your partner will support you in your time of transition. He may also feel threatened if you do succeed. One has to WANT to quit, so don't expect miracles . Do this for you. Embrace this change as your desire and for all the good things that will result from it. Find the mindset that makes it all very much easier. You are not giving up anything but getting so much more in return. Smoking creates stress, financial, health and finding ways to sneak out for that fix. It does not allieviate stress. It is a vicious cycle that we fed into, we only smoked so not to have the cravings it created. End the cycle. Say ENOUGH.

    My spouse did quit 2 weeks later.....and we are both now over 2 years smoke free. I am so happy that my daughter also quit. Once we see it is possible to quit smoking, we come to believe that we can too. Show your partner that you can do what you make up your mind to do. Who knows, he may finally believe that he can too and that it may even be easier than he thought. I know it was for me and many others.

    Don't let someone else weaken your resolve to find your freedom from this life sucking addiction. You free yourself and perhaps help others to also desire that freedom and find the path to a better life. It is awesome.

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