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How to eat more.

Posted in Hints and tips 13 Jan 2021
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So far 8 days which is great. Lots of quitters seem to want to eat but I have the opposite effect I don’t feel like eating. Don’t get me wrong am eating my 3 meals because I have to. Yes have just got back into yoga and the gym. I have always been thin but would love to gain about 6 kilos. How many times have I heard “ just eat more”. Trying but I guess it will take time. It just goes to show we are all different. Hope all are staying strong and positive. Love this site has saved me so many times.

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  • Happiness January 13, 2021 | 23:46
    Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking and do more for your health.
    Gaining weight does not mean filling up on junk food anymore than a diet means that you can't eat. It is about making better choices.
    When losing weight, there is a can't outrun a bad diet meaning you cannot exercise enough to eat those 2000 surplus calories.
    Choose healthy foods with lots of calories. Potatoes with butter, corn and beans as or with a main course would be about 650 calories instead of 450. Use lots of olive oil as a healthy fat, avocado is great too. Make a healthy sandwich with rye bread.....egg salad, tuna, cheese and a handful of nuts or seeds which are very good for you , but packed with calories. It is not a lot of food is very nutritious and will help to pack the weight on . If people wanting to lose weight all this they would likely lose weight because they are not feeling hungry and reaching for junk. Granola cereal (homemade) and a greek yogurt for breakfast/late night snack/dessert if you want to avoid sugar are great convenient add ons. ( Raisin bran, cheerios , shreddies are good choices for those wanting to lose weight. , Just research and eat high calorie nutritious foods that appeal to you, just a reverse of losing weight.
    So good luck on gaining pounds and freedom!

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