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30 days and still kicking

Posted in Staying quit 12 Jan 2021

I tried quitting last year. After 35 days I slipped up. This time I had a plan and the determination is much stronger. Smoking is a living prison. It is always a thought, a consequence, a way of life and I truly hate it. I was so hesitant to do try again, couldn't see myself getting through and sustaining. But let me say this to all who feel the same way, WILL POWER IS STRONGER THAN ANY MEDICATION, REPLACEMENT THERAPY OR OTHER. You must trust your own personal strength. I have never felt better and more alive. I quit cold turkey. You can do my friends. DON'T GIVE UP

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  • Happiness January 12, 2021 | 12:42
    Yes, once we believe that we can quit smoking, we can. It can even be easy when your understand the enemy and have the strong desire to break free. We can quit smoking. Good job Angelwings
  • SamiSaudi January 13, 2021 | 5:14
    I feel anything called medication only extends your suffering and chances of rebound. A long nice walk/jog after quitting cold turkey beats any so-called medication in my opinion. Morning walks are nice especially when id come back to my green tea/ginger mix that replaced my coffee.

    Eat healthy, exercise, and any positive changes in the way you feel will be subconsciously connected to quitting smoking. Enjoy the process. Enjoy your skin getting better again and getting rid of that smoker face Enjoy that extra endurance/stamina you have.

    Ive done this from day one and lost weight and feel just great. Its week 6 now and I dont see the temptation at all. Im too busy with new healthy activities (various sports) with new groups of friends. Good job!
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast January 13, 2021 | 8:51
    Welcome Anglewings, Yes you are one step ahead in working out your strategies, the only thing I need to say, after beginning again a few times myself, is not so much will power, but a greater understanding of the drug Nicotine has on our bodies and the conviction that no matter what NOPE is the mantra best used any time any day all day and in between, this helps your resolve. We are with you all the way this time so come back again. Love the name so stay true and fly towards a better life.

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