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This stress is really challenging.

Posted in Quit experiences 20 Oct 2020

I only just joined here yesterday. Am over 3 weeks smoke free. I posted yesterday about dealing with over 3 hours of intense cravings due to work stress. Turns out that is not my worst day. The work I did yesterday was to put in for funding for my job.

Today just learned I wont have a job after Christmas. Work decided they were not going to seek further funding for my role. Am so tempted to go out get drunk and have smoke. Gave up drinking over 7 weeks ago before the smokes. Am depressed, tired, stress, and angry too. Thanks for this forum as I have noone else to vent to. Im near tears but I know I wont go for a smoke or a drink for that matter. I come to far. Time to go out a clear my head and be thankful for the small joys in life. My dog, the weather, the flowers and birds of spring. You know what I mean. It will give me time to work out a plan. Thank you for your support. I need it.

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  • Safe2017 October 20, 2020 | 13:15
    Very sorry to hear about your job loss. It’s tough. Try to keep positive attitude and stay smoke free. Something will come up. However, if you relapse you will have more than one problem. Jobless and wasting money on smokes. Even when you get a new job you will still be smoking. Furthermore, smoking may hinder you finding a new job because employers nowadays are pretty negative towards smokers. Good luck and all the best.
  • Nuts October 20, 2020 | 18:40
    Hi sweetheart. So sorry to hear about your job. The bright side is that now you wont be able to afford to waste money on smokes, especially if you live in Australia. It could end up being a blessing in disguise. Stay strong, things will get better
  • Robn October 20, 2020 | 19:23
    Hi CharKi, tough times for you but you know what? It may not seem like it right now but good things, better things are coming. That is the way life works, gives and takes continuously. How you process it internally makes all the difference to the outcomes. Think to yourself how great it is that drink and smokes are no longer costing you a fortune every week, think to yourself this could be a good time to revisit what you really want to do job wise..what career would make you really happy...find it and go for it. One thing I have learnt is that life is ever changing and we must go with the flow with a positive outlook if we are to be happy.
    Happy times ahead for you....
  • Happiness October 20, 2020 | 19:57
    I agree with the others. Nothing is to be gained by smoking or negativity. Things happen for a reason they say. We get in ruts and too comfortable and complacent. Just are doing so well with quitting smoking and you probably started out with those big doubts as many of us did. Forums like this lend support and boost self confidence. We can do what we WANT to do. Keep thinking positive, things do have a way of working out.
  • matik_one October 21, 2020 | 5:20
    I'm sorry what happend to you.. nobody wouldn't say a word if you decided to quit quitting.. but if you want to become non smoker, you need to find ways how to achieve it, not excuses.. I believe, that everything happend for sone reasons, and this happend to you because you are strong enough to cope with it and even you can gain on this situation.. you are going very well.. forgive them and keep possitive thinking..
  • DAB57 October 21, 2020 | 23:14
    Hi CharKi. You sound like a very strong and determined person, with a glass half full type of personality. I am sorry about your current circumstances re-job loss, but try to think of it as an opportunity for finding a new and better job. Please don't be tempted to drink and smoke as tempting as it might be, under the circumstances I know that could be hard. But you are a warrior and you will fight through it, and I send you love and light and may the universe provide you with the happiness, a new job, help you through and pick you up when you are at your lowest. Good luck and keep on keeping on!

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