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122 days :)

Posted in Staying quit 27 Aug 2020

Hey guys. I quit smoking with a stubborn attitude and its been 122 days. I have an app that keeps track of the days. This site has been very helpful with coping and people had been really friendly. That is why I keep on coming back and thanking everyone that helped, commented and encouraged me. I have no cravings whatsoever. From time to time it just pops in my mind that I used to smoke. Smoking and drinking used to be a habit that completed each other and that is why I waited 3 months before I started drinking any alcoholic bev. Its been a month I started drinking again and I can actually enjoy my cocktails without the stink of my cigarettes. Hoping everyone is well and on track. Thanks again, lots of love x

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  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 29, 2020 | 19:17
    Congratulations on your 122 days smoke free it gives me lots of hope and encouragement reading stories like yours
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 28, 2020 | 8:45
    Congratulations on 122 days Drmem89 Keep on looking and posting we need your feedback here it helps others to maintain their own quit including me.
  • Happiness August 28, 2020 | 6:37
    You are doing great, ut then you don't need to ve told that. Ve proud of yourself, You earned it. You faced the fears and did it. Anyone can quit smoking, ut it does take time and a certain mindset i think makes it much easier to stay free. With willpower it can e a constant struggle, ut when you achieve something that you WANT you will appreciate. Sometimes unwanted memories or dreams of smoking come into our minds, ut if we dismiss them instead of dwelling on them, nicotine addiction has no power to draw us vack. ( I am missing the letter after a) It is the mind that rememvers. Huvvy told me yesterday that he needs to read Allan Carr again. ..... we are on holiday and i think he is just missing the feeling of doing something all the time, rather than just relacing (also the letter vefore the y) The old cottage holds an old keyvoard as well as old memories. Difference is the keyvoard still holds value as a convenient ( and keeps you all on your toes) whereas smoking does nothing. When someone finally accepts that, they can let go.

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