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Never going backwards

Posted in Staying quit 19 Aug 2020

My quit journey started suddenly after I was told by my Dr that I wouldn’t see my 40th birthday, I’m currently 33. Found 2 blood clots in my leg and am now Lon blood thinners as my blood was so thick . Dr based this all on my smoking . I have been a packet a day smoker since I was 14 years old . I’m a mum to a 2 year old and a wife , I want to be alive and healthy for my son and my husband . I needed this health scare to actually quit . I have tried champix at least 6 times and they never worked for me . However I found the patches 21mg were fantastic and by week 3 I went cold turkey . I am actually so fine now no cravings , no thoughts about it . I still love the smell when I walk past someone , but I definately don’t think I will ever go back .

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  • Happiness August 19, 2020 | 22:13
    That's great news Lesel. Please do drop in and visit us from time to time to help keep that motivation. You have done what so many wish they could do....quit smoking. Hopefully with stories like yours and seeing others succeed in this endeavour will help others in their belief that they too can be happy non-smokers. Why wait til you feel you "have to" and spare the grief . Just find the WANT to and the BELIEF.
  • Gemma23 August 19, 2020 | 20:55
    Hi lesel
    Great that you have decided to stop smoking.
    It is a horrible habit and does nothing for us.
    I also stooped smoking with a health scare
    I have an operation to remove my thyroid as there was a nodule Inside the thyroid 9 weeks ago.
    It was a cancer and it scared the crap out of me . Since that day of been told there was a cancer there I haven't lit a cigarette since. It give me that push I needed to stop smoking. And it's bad it takes a health scare to make us stop smoking we should just stop anyway.
    I am now feeling much better breathing is better and food taste great
    Smelling much fresher and my partner is very proud of me to be a non smoker now.
    I also still don't mind the smell of a lit cigarette
    But I will not smoke 1 ever again.
    It just isn't worth it.
    Good luck and all the best on your journey

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