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53days of my journey

Posted in Quit experiences 19 May 2020
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I thought I was getting better but it turns out all of my symptoms still exist. It's not strong as before but still exist. The anxiety, tiredness,cough, soarthroat,pain in chest and back, discomfort in the chest..I don't feel the cravings of cigarettes. the good thing is all of the symptoms, is not strong as before. I'm almost 2 months free. Am gonna treat my self.😊we can't go out because of lockdown so, am gonna buy a dress online..😊

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness May 20, 2020 | 2:27
    Treat yourself to what ever your heart desires. You deserve it Sadm3, you are doing well and winning. Look good and feel good. Win and be proud of yourself. We are.

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