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Haga Raito
Northern Sydney

100% Quiting!

Posted in Staying quit 16 May 2020
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I have been smoking for 20 years. Recently decided to quit because I want to live longer and see my new born daughter grow up. I have stopped smoking for almost seventh days now, being using the nicotine pad and mouth spray. It helps reducing the craving and the temptation of having a cigarette. Since yesterday I am starting to get muscle pain, constipation, etc. I search Google and found that all these are there common symptoms for nicrotine withdrawals. Lucky that we are staying home sure to the convid-19, so I can take this time to rest and try overcome all these symptoms.

I have also been drinking alot of waters. Approximately 4-5 litres a day and taking one spoon of Manuka Honey to help the digestion system.

I have five friends already passed away because of cigarette. It's time to quit and there are no turning back!! I make sure I have no turning back by giving all my money and cards to my wife, I have no money to buy cigarettes anyway!

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness May 17, 2020 | 0:27
    Good for you for quitting. Once we make up our minds as to what we want in the future, it can even make quitting easier. Welcome the change. A reminder of NOPE , not one puff ever, and that means OP's ....other peoples....too. Once you are off of nicotine, you do not want to awaken those dogs. While you are using nrt's and thus still nicotine addicted, work on the psychological mindset of wanting the change, not just knowing you should. You can do this!

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