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Posted in Hints and tips 29 Jan 2020

😫can someone please tell me why I’m having the worst anxiety of my life? The physical side effects are getting unbearable. My chest literally feels like it’s crushed and I can’t breathe right. My chest is tight and all that’s on my mind is smoking. I didn’t think it would be this hard. Will this go? I just need help with the crushing feeling. I’m in hospital 3 days post ob (breast abscess) and I’ve stopped smoking since the operation. I was on endones for weeks trying to ease the pain of this horrible abscess, begging for help and the breast surgeon said that it’s just up to my body to fight the infection, mind you I already had 15mls aspirated. After a three week battle thinking I’m losing my mind, I went to another hospital and they knew that I was unwell. 350mls to be exact. So I’m here in recovery wondering is this feeling of doom and sweats and pain and every other bullsh”t I’m feeling is from ceasing the smoking or am I just going mental??

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  • Lando, Hunter New England January 29, 2020 | 20:06
    If you are in recovery after an operation in your chest area, I would doubt very much if any of your feelings of crushed chest and unable to breathe would be any different as a smoker or a non smoker. Talk to your health team. Especially the nurses. Nurses rule.
  • M.R, Western Sydney January 29, 2020 | 21:51
    Yes I agree. Nurses do rule.. no wasn’t from that at all. It’s more anxiety than anything else. They’ve also done an ECG
  • Happiness January 29, 2020 | 22:55

    the mind will also play tricks and deceive you just as nicotine did to us all for decades. Get medical attention and do not assume that smoking is the cause. When i got up and didn't have balance i blamed it on an ear imbalance because i had had aa cold and my throat hurt. It turned out to be a tear in that arterie which needed mended but a piece broke off and a clot made its way to my brain. I will now on the side of being hypochondriac thank you. Avoid potential problem
  • Happiness January 29, 2020 | 23:02
    Reading this book should help with your mindset immensely. Get well soon.

  • Jill67 January 30, 2020 | 2:36
    anxiety from what exactly? You are 3 days so the physical withdrawal is ending. Your medical team is telling you that physically you are in great shape post surgery. You’ve beat the addiction for 3 I’m not trying to be rude, but why do you have crushing anxiety? From not smoking? From not putting poison into your body? When I get anxious, and sometimes it’s bad, I take a couple of deep breaths and it gets better.
    So if mentally you are creating this anxiety/ panic and it’s physical affects, you need to figure out why you are sabotaging yourself? The anxiety ends when you want it to. You can have an amazing future smoke free- it’s not an easy journey initially but we’re all doing it, and you can too!!
  • Red-67 January 30, 2020 | 5:48
    No jull67, the physical withdrawal does not end in 3 days. The actual nicotine, may or may not be, out of the system in 72 hrs., but the brain's dependence, and withdrawal is more in the range of 3 weeks. Sure, all of this can vary a great deal, from one person to the next, but the idea that we are free from nicotine in 72 hrs. is totally ridiculous.
    M.R.,, Sure, if you suffer from anxiety, the chest pain, and tightness, are very real. The more you dwell on missing, or wanting that smoke, the worse it will be. My wife had anxiety issues in the past, nothing to do with smoking, but the pain, and suffering is very real, even though it is just manifested in the brain. But, to some extent, you can control it by changing the way you think about your quit, or whatever the thought process is that is causing it. It is, after all, still in your mind.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast January 30, 2020 | 7:49
    You have been through two major hurdles one is the Breast surgery, which would be one of the symptoms of healing hopefully, You still need to check this out with your Doctor, Nurses rule but Doctors make the decision.
    The other hurdle is Not smoking, which would create a psychological need of wanting relief.

    Both are giving you anxious thoughts, your brain cannot work out at this stage which is the greater. You have time to think in hospital, so why not read up on how nicotine destroys you both physically and mentally, for a while. Read up on what you need to do when you return home after your surgery. You will need all the knowledge and all the help you can get then.

    Dealing with it in this way helps to alleviate anxiety which is your aim at the moment. I hope you feel better soon, and please continue to day 4 and so on. N.O.P.E. (Not one puff ever)
  • DebraAnne20 February 04, 2020 | 7:36
    It's because you think you need/want a smoke - and you think you are depriving yourself of a smoke. Change the paradigm - smile and say in your mind, over and over, the one thing I do not need or want is a smoke. Keep repeating it while you breathe as deeply as you can, in and out.

    You have to reprogram your mind about smoking - you hate it, you never did like it, you are not about to go back to that dirty bag of BS. Read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quite Smoking - it will help open the brain pathway to better thinking, better feeling.

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