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Never too late

Posted in Getting started 29 Dec 2019

So after smoking for almost 50 years I half heartedly decided to quit. On my third prescription for Champix (destroyed the other two when I deemed that I wasn't ready). It was given to me in June 2019 and dispensed a few weeks ago. I was quite fearful of the possible side effects so I timed the commencement of the course with my holidays. A few times whilst I was smoking the taste was "different" but not enough to butt out or deter me from lighting another. I smoked for the first two weeks and with some trepidation had my last cigarette at 10.18pm December 22. Fortunately, I have had no nausea but am finding it dreadful in getting to sleep, sometimes hours. Vivid dreams were in abundance when I finally got to sleep. Not nightmares, just really, really weird dreams. I have decided to cease taking the evening tablet every night to see if that helps. To be honest, I am not sure that the Champix are helping me and that perhaps (at this stage) I am stronger than I thought. A couple of nights ago I had headlights beaming into my bedroom window and when I went to investigate, the driver thought he was in a driveway!!! Mind you, he had to drive over the gutter and nature strip before he stopped on my front lawn!! During all this, I didn't once think about having a cigarette. As it is very early days I still think about having a cigarette but I dismiss that thought and put it down to habit/boredom etc. For the first time since I was about 15 and now being nearly 64, I have been smoke free for almost a week. Pretty sure that if I can do this, anyone can.

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  • Trying..., Hunter New England December 29, 2019 | 13:44
    hi htm
    so nice to read your story ,because you see i also had my last cigarette around the same time December 22nd.
    on day 7 smoke free first time since i was 14 yrs old
    i am also new to this sight as i was struggling yesterday and after stalking the sight for a few day finally decided to join.
    so pleased i did,everybody is so welcoming and full of support
    so you see we are both at the same stage of our journey.
    good luck, your doing great..

  • Happiness December 29, 2019 | 14:37
    Welcome htm. You are doing quite well for a "half hearted attempt", Imagine how much easier it could be if you really believed that quitting smoking was a worthwhile venture. It is not only a very rewarding change but quite attainable as well.

    Learning what nicotine did to you and letting go of the illusions of smoking will put you on the fast track to an easier and sustainable quit.

    Read posts and the responses given to get an idea of the Mindset involved .

    Some people have cut the Champix down because of the vivid dreams and persevered. Perhaps they can enlighten you more.

    Anyone can quit smoking, even some who seem to have their heads in the wrong place come around and amaze us. You are doing well, but I also believe that a positive attitude will take you far. Previous attempts to quit give insight and we learn from them. It wasn't until I joined a quit group that i would ever believe that i could quit smoking. I am not only a year smoke-free, but did it was amazing ease. It is all about the Mindset.

    Knowledge is power. Read, learn and think positive!!!
  • HMT December 29, 2019 | 15:00
    Thanks so much for the positivity, encouragement and reassurance, Happiness!!! I am taking the tack where this is a choice and I choose NOT to smoke. Pretty sure that you are right about the mindset. Congratulations on your choice!! and thanks again.
  • Happiness December 30, 2019 | 11:26
    You are correct in that it is never too late. I waited for over 40 years before accidentally having the stars aligned to bring me accidentally to a point of pondering the idea when looking to benefit my health. I had long given up any hope of quitting smoking. So kudos to you for coming to that conclusion. I just hope that many make it of their own accord or divine intervention rather than necessity. I feel very grateful and did look on it as an opportunity. Embracing it in that light does make it easier, even if unexpected.
    In quitting attempts of the past I had no knowledge, no support and no real incentive, as I did not truly know how much was to be gained by not smoking, still expecting a trade off. We know there is no trade-off as nicotine has no trade-off to offer. Nicotine did nothing but keep up addicted to the process of killing ourselves. It is not meant as a fear factor to deter but as a truth. We blinded ourselves to the truth a long time ago. However, today is another day. Technology has given us communication with like minded people who together can provide knowledge and encouragement. Every quit is different, and you may relate to someone else due to likeness of circumstance. In my posts, i try to relay some information to all newcomers. I do apologize to any who may take them totally personally . My remarks are more personal to those in true quandry and who seek help. You seem to have a plan and attack plan, so good on you. My intention on this site is to invoke belief in one's self, for that is what i found by joining my first quit site.
    (This one is superior in many ways, especially in communicating with each other and actually being able to follow someones quits, the first forum was a hodge-podge . If someone is need here you can reach one of us by posting on our page.
    I know that quitting smoking has changed by life, and that now retired i hope i can spend my time giving others belief in themselves. I had no idea a year ago that i could do this. I just want people to know that they do have a choice and perhaps teach them to want to quit smoking even if they are skeptical. I wish i had done it years ago......
  • Pisces24, Central Coast December 30, 2019 | 20:42
    I too had no idea I could do this. I'm almost 1 month but honestly it's like another world
  • HMT December 31, 2019 | 9:48
    That's Fabulous Pisces24!! Happiness, your advice and insights are so inspiring!!! Thank you both. As for me, today is day 9. Getting to sleep is easier and the vivid dreams have dissipated as I am not taking the Champix at night, just the one after breakfast. I don't want to get ahead of myself but I sometimes wonder if I really need to continue with Champix and get the next prescription for it.
  • Happiness December 31, 2019 | 10:25
    Only you know you HMT. Since you are using Champix and haven't had nicotine of any kind in 9 days you are out of nicotine withdrawal. The psychological voids and tauntings are what you experience now. Fill the voids a bad habit once held with a positive activity. Think happy thoughts, treat yourself well and take time for you. Pamper yourself, dress and look good, that always makes you feel good. Put on your favourite music, cook your favourite meal, call a loved one or make plans with a friend. While you are looking great look in the mirror and smile at yourself. You look great, you smell great and you feel great. You are capable of turning back the clock in some regards. Your skin will lose that grey pallour, your nails will not be so brittle, hair will be healthier and shinier, teeth whiter and your smile brighter.

    You have every reason to smile. You are winning this and proving it not only to yourself but to others who you now give inspiration to, to follow your example. Who knows if ones you love might also follow suit. My added bonus was both my spouse and daughter quit smoking. It truly can have a domino effect.
  • HMT January 24, 2020 | 21:26
    Hey Trying! Yes almost 5 weeks...that's 35 days..... 840 hours.....50400 minutes!!! Yay!!!! Go You Good Thing!!!!

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