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if smoking was as expensive as heroin

Posted in Reasons to quit 07 Sep 2019
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seeing it as it is. If smoking was as addictive and as expensive and controlling as heroine, just think about it. How does that make you feel. What is an addict.? Yes we who need nicotine are addicts. It may be socially acceptable , but even these days we are frowned uponed. Air pollution is a concerned and if you are not for it you ar against it is the saying.What would you do for your next cigarette? what if it was $10 a cigarette? Could you say enough is enough? Could you stand to hear the doctor say now or else? What is the difference? ReallY?

Now the pressure is really on..... but it is inevitable..... it will become a choice. Why not make it now and realizing as they hope us to see.... willingly? Government raises prices, but i am sure revenues remains the same.... the literal die hards will pay the price and the government saves face, saves money and doesn't have to pay out retirement.

I for one am happy to take the retirement benefits that i paid for and hope to do so for many years. I hope i can persuade many of you to quit smoking and to reap the benefits as well. Although they may not be available for some for many years, your can save the money for your kids and offspring, the social benefits as well, and procuring longer and more active and happier longevity. Anyone wishing to disagree, please let the debate begin>....

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  • Safe2017 September 09, 2019 | 1:50
    I think smoking was more acceptable during counter culture days because it stood for being cool and the prices were much lower and we didn’t realize how offensive and detrimental to our health they really were.

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