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I can do this

Posted in Getting started 12 Jun 2019

This won't be easy .I have smoked for 35 years but im determined to do this .this is my first time to try quiting and my last

I'm 3 days in and crave a smoke but I'm saying to myself I don't need a smoke and having a piece of gum

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 12, 2019 | 18:18
    Your determination over your last 3 days means you mean business, stick it out because everyday you are winning the battle over the addiction and habit and it gets a little easier as the evil weed looses its grip.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 12, 2019 | 18:22
    $$$$$$$WHO needs the expense of supplying the habit these days?$$$$$$$
  • KMD, Western NSW June 12, 2019 | 18:37
    Thank you and yes I am determined. I have been told that every day of not smoking will get easier
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 12, 2019 | 18:51
    If a craving is only a thought? You only think you want a cigarette?
    Get the thought out of your head as quick as you can. Try not to dwell on it and the thought will pass. Each day you became better at dismissing the thought, hence less intense the craving.
    I hope that helps?
  • PV June 12, 2019 | 19:52
    Keep going, youre doing great. To give in now just means having to start again. As tough as day 3 may seem, its easier than day 1 or 2 and day 4 will be easier than 3!
  • Nuts June 12, 2019 | 22:48
    Stay strong mate. It will get easier, and it will be worth it. You will not regret quitting. Believe in yourself and say NOPE (Not One Puff Ever)
  • Happiness June 13, 2019 | 1:40
    Hi KMD. Did you just join today or been following us and learning about the addiction for a while? Understanding the addiction and yourself makes the journey easier because you will be more apt to let go of former beliefs and accept what the nicotine did to you, and how you can banish it from your life and be happy as a non-smoker. The trick is to want it, embrace it and desire it, more than you want to smoke.

    Your first sentence is "This won't be easy".... a negative and you need to think positive.
    You did amend by saying you were determined that this would be your first and last quit. Good for you. As Red67 likes to say, you only need to quit once. Learning and accepting this journey in a positive manner not only makes the journey easier but sustainable.

    Day 3 is over, and if you went cold turkey, most nicotine is out of your system and no longer affecting your body greatly. One puff and it fires up more receptors again (instead of letting them all shut down in 3 weeks). That is why we say NOPE...not one puff ever.

    The psychological hold the habit (daily routine) has on us is the harder part unless you accept fully in your mind the concept of being a non-smoker. The cravings hit at trigger times and we need to learn to do breathing exercises or something for a couple of minutes while the "craving" passes. A craving is really only a thought. Divert your attention and it will leave. Ignore it and it will stop bothering you. By retraining your mind to not want to smoke and truly embracing and visualizing yourself as a happy non-smoker you will free yourself faster. You will not crave what you do not want.

    Anyone can quit smoking with the right Mindset. Keep on this path , You will do great!
  • KMD, Western NSW June 13, 2019 | 11:17
    Hi Happiness
    You are right and I'm cold turkey day 4 .I saw this site in fb day 1
    Glad there is support from all who have msg
    I am saying to myself the reasons I don't smoke anymore out loud this is helping me

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