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I want to quit for my loved ones

Posted in Reasons to quit 07 Jan 2019

I was a non smoker until the age of 31. Then I tried a cigarette with my girlfriend's for fun. After that I brought a pack of cigarettes and hid it in my handbag and would smoke one cigarette per day at work. I would smoke only on work days. Slowly I started getting cigarettes home. I used to smoke at home without my husband knowing. I was caught a number of times, me and my husband used to fight over it. My daughter has seen me smoke and disapproves it. She is only 6, but thinks what I do is bad. I smoke 2 -3 cigarettes per day. I want to quit. Please help. I want to go back to who I was before I smoked. I have been smoking for 2.5 yrs now. I want to stop

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  • Happiness January 07, 2019 | 3:56
    Welcome Bviswanath. You have come to a great forum . Have you been reading some posts and getting ideas of how you would like to do this journey to freedom? Be sure to set your quit date. Don't be apprehensive, but look forward to becoming a non-smoker and regaining your freedom from the nicotine monster.

    As i just wrote a long piece about the Mindset to Queenie...E who also just joined, please read that post for more information.

    I advocate the Smart Turkey, and how i did it is in my very first posting.

    However you choose. Mindset is certainly an asset. You can do this!
  • Happiness January 10, 2019 | 16:06
    Are you still with us Bviswanath? 2 or 3 cigarettes a day should not be all that difficult for you to quit. If you read and learned about the addiction you will know that the hardest part is adjusting to life as a non-smoker. Given that you have been able to keep it to a minimum for 2.5 years, shows that you have control over it. Just make up your mind and choose to quit. Any cravings are just mere thoughts, and a signal to you that the nicotine monster is dying. These cravings should be seen as a blessing, your freedom is not far off.

    Please let us know how you are doing . I am so glad to see younger ones joining us . We did not have the research at our fingertips 30 years ago, and support groups like this. We all tried to quit by willpower alone, which very few succeeded in doing. Knowledge is Power!

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