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Week 33

Posted in Hints and tips 22 Jun 2018

231 days today & I still get that horrible urge to light up. Not all the time but maybe once every couple of weeks I feel like this. Sometimes that feeling will only last a few moments but then other times (like now) it can last for hours, even to the point where I can smell it.

Does this feeling ever subside? I know I will NEVER give in to temptation but I thought surely by now these impulses would have long gone.

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  • Red-67 June 23, 2018 | 8:11
    Hey Ronyag :)
    Somewhere, deep inside, you still want one.. Try to find a way to let go of the smoker thinking.. I made a smoke something I hated, and never wanted again, from the beginning, and, other than a few weeks of withdrawal, have not craved, missed, or had the urge for one since.. You can do it too. It is all in your mind.. Try to stop thinking like a smoker, and set yourself FREE :)
  • Ronyag, Nepean Blue Mountains June 23, 2018 | 10:25
    Thanks heaps Red-67, I think that's the trouble. I know I will always be a smoker if I keep thinking like one. One day I want to be able to think & act like I've never had a smoke in my life (or at least to the point where I can go a day or two or even more without even thinking about it) but whilst the thought is on my mind it will never happen, & why do I always think about it more when I'm on this site? Hahaha
    It'll be okay, I just need to put that thought in my head that after nearly 35 years of smoking, & 7 & a half months (& I'm proud to put in that half) without one I'm still a rookie at adjusting to new & healthier habits.
  • Leeann , Central Coast June 23, 2018 | 17:19
    I'm only at day 5 in quitting, I have given up for 7 years before, it took 1 year for the cravings to go. I'm changing my mindset this time to despise them, they rob you, wreck your health & they are not your friend, just a putrid addiction really
  • rmayers July 31, 2018 | 18:12
    Hi Ronyag!
    It is great to hear from you, that you have to quit with smoking. I think will be happy about this in 70))
    I stopped smoking 2 years ago and must say there are a lot of "temptations" around us) We have to fight with it!
    In moments of weakness, I suggest you walk a lot in the fresh air and communicate a lot with close people (it distracts me a lot). Also, I read some facts and statistics from Vapingdaily discussions or on other websites. It helps you to remember your target). If you can`t even resist any more call to the hotline where specialists can help you. They help smokers to quit.
    I wish you patience and strength!!

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