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I've tried many times before...this worked for me...3 months

Posted in Quit experiences 30 Apr 2018

Hi there, I'm so proud of myself ...eventually I quit and it's been nearly 3 months. I suppose each person experiences there own way but this was mine and I hope it may help someone out there.

1) I didn't set a quit date -it was the spur of the moment thing while lying in bed one evening and decided I wouldn't smoke the next day. I think that saved me from days of preparation stress -waiting for the right time or place.

2) I didn't substitute smoking with anything else nicotene related. I figured if I had to get over chemical withdrawals I'd like to get over it as fast as I could without delaying the withdrawal by using something else containing nicotene.

3) I didn't replace smoking with vaping -for the same reason as the above -what's the point of giving up one habit just to become dependant on another (then needing to get over the withdrawal of another habit too)

I printed a page with the benefits of stopping smoking and dated it so that I could tick off my physical progess daily (which seemed really impressive over even the short term). Another thing I did was carry fresh mint sweets that I popped into my mouth when I started feeling a craving. Somehow -having a clean tasting mouth is like brushing your teeth and not wanting to eat straight after.

I was trying hard to convince myself that I just needed to reach x number of days (comparing myself to other's experiences). It's not the same -for me I had to get passed 3 weeks and then smoking became something I didn't want any more. I am adamant now that I don't want to go through the moodiess and craving again -haha -I was a grouch so will NOT pick up a smoke even once -it's not worth having to go through it all again.

My Advice- Do it once! and don't take the risk of having to do it again.

One thing I would've been smarter with is be carefull how much and what you eat while going thruogh withdrawals. Keep something healthy handy -yes I picked up afew but that's something I'll tackel next.

I wish everyone well and will post again to let you know how it's going -I'm sure as with any habit one needs to continously remind yourself of the achievement.

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  • Kennie May 01, 2018 | 8:22
    Into my 10th Day. Holding on. It is hard, but I will get through each day, I'm positive. I made little inspiration/ mantra cards ("You can do this", "You are strong", etc) that I read every morning to keep me going.
  • This Time! May 01, 2018 | 8:31
    Hi Kennie, It's so wonderful hearing of actual coping tools others have used or are using. It's so practical. It's the first time I've actually joined a "group" while trying to quit and I must say that it's an inspiration and really helped me knowing I wasn't alone. We all Keep going together :)
  • Jw, Western Sydney May 03, 2018 | 17:42
    Way to go This Time, well down and keep posting, you will inspired others.
  • Lbeth May 08, 2018 | 10:05
    Thanks for sharing those tips 'This Time' I am only 28 hours in but my decision to stop yesterday was unplanned, so I have already ticked off #1.
    I like the idea of the mints.
  • This Time! February 11, 2019 | 12:44
    Just an update, it's my 1 year anniversary of quitting :) YAY, still can't believe it and how time flies.
    I often sit in the company of those that smoke around me and think that It may have been nice to join the social aspect of smoking with them but I refuse to go through the quitting again. I will NOT EVER even try one. It's not worth all the effort and hard work to quit again and I totally congratulate myself. Do it once and Never ever think "just 1 will be OK". I received a message from "ICANQUIT" today saying my Risk of heart disease is halved compared to continuing smokers. That's totally worth it. Thank you so much.

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