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Back to day one. Hello again.

Posted in Getting started 26 Apr 2012
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G'day again everyone.

I've been off the air for a while. I slipped up back on day twelve or so, and I don't even want to say whats been going on since then. BUT I'm back to give it another go. Fresh start, feeling positive, armed with good vibes and a will to win!!!

Have just re-read all the great posts and stories you guys have put up here and it really makes you feel inspired and actually gives you the sense that quitting is not only possible but extremely do-able.

So, off to work to smash a day full of chores smoke free!!

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  • Freakboy April 26, 2012 | 12:56
    Heh chief welcome back. You can do this every journey starts with one step. Stay focused and be on guard. :-).

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