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Spending spare cash.

Posted in Hints and tips 13 Dec 2017

I am on a very fixed budget and so if don't buy my ciggies up front, have to go without. So the first couple of months quitting I am going to spend all my spare cash. To make sure I have no option in buying any. Once the cravings get a bit better I can calm down on the spending...but meanwhile treats! :) Getting hair done tomorrow. Anyone else use spending their money as a tactic?

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  • AnnetteLouise December 13, 2017 | 12:18
    Bluddy Heck, a charity just rang me and guess who can afford a donation for once??? awesome!
  • NotThisTime December 13, 2017 | 18:08
    Hi AnnetteLouise,

    I think it is extremely important to reward yourself in the beginning of your quit. For the first 2-3 months, I would make sure to spend (and even more!) what I would have spent on cigarettes on things that I normally wouldn't buy. The things i remember being most helpful were going to a nicer than normal restaurant and ordering whatever I wanted. Every bite would be a positive reenforcement of what I HAD already accomplished and also would give me motivation to "recall" when a craving would hit. After you get over the physical addiction it is completely a mind game where you continue to associate smoking as pleasurable. Be patient, it takes TIME and experiencing cravings to retrain the association. I found it helpful thinking that the stronger the current craving, the stronger I will be able to resist future cravings. Even though its been 51 weeks for me (next weeks is officially a year!), I am aware of potential overwhelming stressful / emotional events could cause me to relapse. I look at it like muscle building. The more often and harder you work the muscle the stronger it becomes. As time goes on, we naturally replace old associations with new associations. The rewards you give yourself are crucial for establishing / building positive associations with being a non smoker. Good luck and remember, it is possible, it DOES get easier and it is worth it.
  • AnnetteLouise December 13, 2017 | 19:41
    Yes I am looking forward to finding some healthy yummy restaurants in my area! Thanx for the great feedback and congrats on almost a year! wow.

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