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55 days

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Oct 2017

It's been about 55 days feeling good can smell a cigarette for miles it seems other than that I don't want one and won't I like being smoke free it's a freeing of the entrapment Best of luck to everyone keep the piggy bank growing!

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  • JDKeys October 05, 2017 | 13:28
    Thank you! It does get easier and these boards help.
  • Steve01 October 03, 2017 | 11:19
    Hi JDKeys, you are doing really well on the new quit. I can see you harken back to 2014 around the same time I joined this forum. It wasn't long after New Years back then when I caved. In fact I've come back from a few failed attempts but that's the beauty of it because we grow stronger an so I and can really relate to where you are now and your renewed confidence. You'll be reporting 100 then 200 days before long and well on your way to celebrating your non smoking anniversary. Congrats on 55 days ... as you already know... it slowly but surely gets easier.

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