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Posted in Staying quit 23 Aug 2017
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75 days now

still get some strong cravings and go through the "just one wont hurt" syndrome

find if I ignore the craving and think about or do something else

it goes away

a friend quit a few years ago and he coughed up

black mucous for 2 or 3 weeks

I assume it was his lungs emptying out

is this normal and how long after quitting does this take to


have a good one

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1 Comment

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  • Red-67 August 24, 2017 | 5:56
    ehw :) 75 days,,, Great !! Don't look back :)
    The lung clearing varies a lot. Many, like myself, have very little productive cough, but it can come and go for months.. Aside from the physical withdrawal, this fight is all in your mind. Simply make up your mind, that you never want to be that slave again, and you do not want a smoke. Once you really plant that way of thinking, and stop thinking like a smoker, it all gets easier :) Worked for me, after 45 years of being a stupid slave to smoking.. I am now 6 months completely free of them.. You can do it too :)

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