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  • Alanasea

    20 Days!

    Posted in Quit experiences 8 Aug 2020

    I have just hit the 20 day mark! I am so proud of myself and so excited for the future. It has been difficult the past week because there was a shooting that made me worried for my significant other because of his proximity to the situation. I also thought I was about to move into an apartment with him and begin a life together, and instead we ended up breaking up because he couldn't live with my...

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  • Alanasea

    Hopefully the last try

    Posted in Getting started 17 Jul 2020

    I am 23 years old and I started smoking when I was 19. I never expected to be a "smoker." When I started college I took a lot of pride in the fact that I didn't smoke. Unfortunately, I ended up being around people who smoked often, and even people that would buy cigarettes for me when I was trying to quit. I certainly don't blame those people, but I do regret letting others decide the course of m...

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