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  • Ebeezy

    It's Hard

    Posted in Getting started 16 Sep 2020

    Day one again for me. I hope this time will be THE time. I find after a few days I stop having cravings but as soon as I have any alcohol I cannot control them and lose all willpower. I have a great marriage (non smoking husband) and wonderful kids and that HAS to be enough to stop this dangerous habit. Fingers crossed...

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  • matik_one

    4 months..

    Posted in Quit experiences 15 Sep 2020

    Hi guys, I can announce 4 months of smoke free life.. I'm very happy for that.. time flies quickly.. 4 months mark was something very very far away and now it's nothing else just reality.. :) What has changed since last post app. 20 days ago? Lots of.. I have started to go to work after 1 year paternity leave.. It was easier as I had thought.. I can go with my buddy collegues to smoking area a...

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  • Chwoe
    Southern NSW


    Posted in Hints and tips 15 Sep 2020

    other than being harassed on this website, i am taking amazing dubs. the man that makes me feel young is out of the door and back with the man who has a plethora of mental issues. but we can work on that another time. i am feeling, free. like an unwashed hippie in the 70s. i am zen -chwoe, finally at peace

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  • Robn

    Do It Today

    Posted in Quit experiences 14 Sep 2020

    Hi All, today is 859 days since I quit being a slave to smoking. It started with day one....just like everyone else. I urge anyone who wants to quit to start with day one and progress from there. Don’t put it off, don’t make excuses to do it later...do it today. People say there is never a good time to give up....I feel there is a good time to give up and it is NOW. There is nothing to fear and...

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  • denisepo


    Posted in Reasons to quit 14 Sep 2020

    I recently quit smoking and I mean like yesterday afternoon. Today for some reason I can’t get moving. I am so tired. I don’t know if I’m getting sick or if it is from Not smoking. I can’t even tell you how many years off and in I smoked. More on than off. But it’s been a while and I do remember the irritability and depression but never being this tired. Anyone’s opinions. This would be greatly...

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  • Gemma23


    Posted in Hints and tips 13 Sep 2020

    Hi all I am now 91 days smoke free. I really can't believe I just said that but it is a great feeling. 13 weeks today. I do still if I'm honest crave a smoke but it's only a thought it passes as always. But gosh it does get me at the worst times. Like today on my way home from shopping we drive for 1 hour and coming back into town i had that feeling of ah we are almost home the 1st thing I use...

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  • Bells
    Northern Sydney

    Cravings and a big ole lovely breath in

    Posted in Hints and tips 13 Sep 2020

    When I have a craving - I take a really big beautiful breath of air in. Before I quit, I couldn't take a big breath of air in because my lungs hurt a bit and I'd cough; the whole breathing experience was a bit laced with anxiety to be honest. (I knew that if I continued smoking my COPD would get worse and I'd have to drag around an oxygen tank when I was old) So in a sense, taking a big breath in...

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  • Leonora
    Mid North Coast


    Posted in Getting started 13 Sep 2020

    I am on day 4 and finding it hard. I haven't been sleeping much averaging 3 hours a night. Is this normal? I would like to hear the positives from people that have quit. What areas in your life have improved? Does it improve your mental health? What I have noticed is my coughing has really improved, I don't have that chesty cough anymore. My coughing was really embarrassing as I work in a contact...

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  • davegoodo

    Keeping it Simple

    Posted in Staying quit 12 Sep 2020

    I'm really stoked that I've reached 1 month today. If anyone is battling, keep it simple, just get through today without having one. It today is too much, break it down into hours or minutes, knowing that if I can make it through 1 minute I can make it through the next one, and before long it is hours and hours turn to days. And days become a month. That is what I have done and it works. If ...

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  • Danzaa

    11 weeks and love you all

    Posted in Quit experiences 11 Sep 2020

    can't explain withdrawal symptoms its nightmare but I guess everyone has there own story and their own battle, after decade of smoking inhaling those toxic and poisoning myself I'm glad I have come this far. I still dream about smoking and have that urge for smoke but I know I won't touch it again. I'm having these popping sound in my chest now and then don't know if its ribs or lungs, my hous...

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