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iCanQuit is packed with tips, tricks and tools to help you succeed on your quit smoking journey. Here are some of the great features you’ll find by browsing our website and joining the iCanQuit community:

Use My Quit Plan to Track Your Quit Progress

My Quit Plan gives you access to a range of handy online tools that make your quit smoking journey easier to track – and it’s free to join! Monitor your progress, keep motivated, and stay smoke-free.

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Learn About the Benefits of Quitting

From immediate health benefits to better fitness, you’ll be amazed at the number of benefits in store when you quit smoking. Explore iCanQuit to learn more about these benefits.

Plus, you can use our online tools to monitor your quit progress – from tracking the number of cigarettes you smoke, to the amount of smoking triggers you face each day.

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See How Much You’ll Save!

Knowing how much money you could save when you quit smoking is a great way to boost motivation and keep you determined to stay quit! Our Online Savings Calculator lets you see just how much you could save if you give up.

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Share Your Quit Smoking Experiences

By hearing about people’s experiences of quitting, you can learn from their journeys and be inspired by their stories. Plus, why not share your own hints and tips on how to beat cravings, or give other members an insight into how you coped during the start of your quit attempt?

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