Start Your Quit Smoking Plan

How to Develop Your Quit Plan

The first stage in building an effective quit smoking plan is to work out the following:

  • Which quit smoking products (if any) you’re going to use in your quit attempt
  • How you plan on changing your smoking habits and routines
  • Whether you are going to seek professional support to quit smoking
  • How you’re going to reward yourself early on in your quit smoking journey

Head over to the My Quit Plan section, where you can answer these questions online – this will help you work out your quit plan.

Quit Smoking Strategies to Consider

A quit plan that combines different smoking cessation strategies is a great way to begin your quit smoking journey.

To get you started, here are some quit smoking methods you may want to add to your quit plan:

Any one of these strategies will increase your chances of quitting smoking.

You can read more about quit smoking strategies in the Quitting Methods section

What do I do next?

Once you’ve decided on your quit smoking methods and strategies, setting a quit date can be a great next step.

Although it’s not essential, a quit smoking date gives you a set starting point to work from.

Bear in mind that prescribed quit smoking medications are usually started 1-2 weeks before your quit date.

Set Your Quit Date

Good to Know

Using your own mental strength (willpower) in addition to other quit smoking methods is a great way to boost your chances of success.
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