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Set Your Quit Smoking Date

Do I Need to Set a Quit Date?

While not an essential part of your quit plan, setting a quit date can be a great way of getting serious about your quit attempt.

At the same time, plenty of smokers make the decision to quit spontaneously, while others have a clear quit plan without a set quit date – as long as it works for the smoker in question, they’re all excellent strategies!

For some smokers though, setting a quit date is really helpful, as it gives them a definite point in time to begin their quit smoking journey.

A quit date might also reduce the chance of putting off your ‘zero smokes’ day, especially if you’re using a cut down to quit method (you can read more about that here).

It’s good to keep all this in mind when you’re developing your quit smoking plan.

When a quit smoking date is recommended

In certain circumstances, setting a quit smoking date is recommended. These are listed below – you can click on each one for more information:

Can I bring my quit date forward if I feel ready?

Absolutely! If you’re feeling ready and motivated to quit, there is no time like the present – so you should get started whenever you feel up to it.

What if I’m not able to start on my set quit date?

Don’t worry – you can always set a new quit date that you feel comfortable with. Or, you might want to try quitting without a specific quit date.

It might help to check out our section on having doubts about quitting smoking – or you can talk to a NSW Quitline Advisor about how you’re feeling.

Try It

Sometimes, just chatting through your quitting obstacles with a friend can help you get a handle on what’s holding you back.
You can also check out our advice on keeping on track with your quit attempt >

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