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Create a Supportive Quit Environment

Planning the Right Environment to Quit Smoking

When you’re working out your quit smoking plan, a smart tactic is to make some adjustments to your home and car, to create the right environment for your quit journey.

Here are some ideas for setting up a supportive environment for your quit attempt:

  • Don’t smoke in your house or car when you’re cutting down to quit
  • Try smoking in an unpleasant or inconvenient location when you are cutting down to quit – next to the garbage bin is a good idea!
  • Throw away lighters and ashtrays the night before your quit smoking day (or at least wash up ashtrays and put them away)
  • Get rid of old cigarette butts in your car and remove your in-car ashtray or any container you might put cigarette butts in
  • Turn your car and home into completely smoke-free zones

Plus, if you live with a smoker, asking them if they’d be willing to do the following could really help your quit smoking attempt:

  • Smoke outside
  • Not leave cigarettes or lighters in your view
  • Try quitting with you – this can be a real motivator and make both your journeys easier

You’ll find your quit smoking journey much easier by reducing the number of smoking triggers around you – read more about common smoking triggers.

Be Aware

When it comes to things that remind you of smoking, the best approach when you’re quitting is “out of sight, out of mind”.
It also helps to be aware of possible withdrawal symptoms – check them out >

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