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Know What to Expect

Be Prepared on Your Quit Smoking Journey

The more prepared you are for your quit journey, the better equipped you’ll be for any challenges that come your way.

To get you ready for what lies ahead, we’ve outlined some of the important areas it will help to be aware of before you begin.

In this section, you can find out more about the following:

Understanding Smoking Dependence

Before you start your quit smoking journey, it can be useful to understand why people become dependent on smoking and how to overcome that dependence.
Find out about smoking dependence

Withdrawal Symptoms

Identifying the type of withdrawal symptoms you may experience during your quit attempt means you’ll know what to look out for.
Get to know quit smoking withdrawal symptoms

Worried About Weight Gain?

A lot of smokers are concerned about putting on weight when they quit smoking – we’ve got the facts about how to manage weight gain on your quit journey.
Discover the truth about weight gain and quitting

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