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Quit Smoking Doubts

I’ve Smoked For Too Long

Maybe you feel that because you’ve been smoking for a long time, you’ll never be able to quit.

If this sounds like you, why not think about splitting your quit goal into smaller, more manageable targets? For example, you could try one of these goals:

I’ll aim to get through the next half an hour without smoking

I’ll see what it’s like to go for a day without smoking

Today, I will not smoke on the way to work

With smaller goals, you won’t feel so overwhelmed. You might also want to check out ‘I’m Too Worried About Failing’

Quitting still feels overwhelming to me

If the thought of stopping smoking completely still feels a step too far, there are many other quit smoking strategies that might work for you.

Why not check out cutting down to quit or using a prescribed quit smoking medication? These all involve reduction before quitting completely, which might make your quit attempt easier.

Remember, even long-time, heavy smokers successfully become non-smokers. So no matter how unmotivated you feel, deciding you want to have a go at quitting means you’re already on your way!

Having a quit plan can help you feel more prepared for your quit smoking journey. Learn how to work out your quit plan and get set up for success!

Good to Know

Are you worried that you enjoy smoking far too much to be able to quit? This is a totally normal concern – and the good news is, it can be overcome!
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