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Quit Smoking Doubts

I Enjoy Smoking Too Much

If you’re struggling with the thought “I enjoy smoking too much”, rest assured that this is a natural concern and can lead to cravings. But ask yourself this question:

If I stopped smoking right now, would the amount I crave a cigarette stay at the same level for another five or ten years?

Clearly this wouldn’t be the case and you’d expect this level to reduce over time.

The Reality of ‘Smoking Enjoyment’

To put this common doubt into perspective, let’s consider the following:

A young boy has a favourite teddy bear that he enjoys playing with every day. One day, the bear’s stitching falls apart and has to be thrown out. The boy is very upset.

25 years later, his mother asks him whether he remembers the teddy bear. The grown-up boy answers, “Yes, I remember I enjoyed playing with that bear”.

As you become a non-smoker, you may still remember you enjoyed smoking, but this is not the same as the attachment and enjoyment you feel now. These feelings will fade over time, until you simply remember you enjoyed smoking.

Here’s another example:

If you like to smoke while drinking coffee or tea, having alcohol, socialising with friends, or after a meal, you might think that smoking enhances these activities.

But what about non-smokers in these same situations? Aren’t they still enjoying these activities just as much as people who smoke?

As a smoker, you’ve probably learnt to associate smoking with these other enjoyable activities. If you stop smoking for long enough, you’ll find these situations just as enjoyable without touching a cigarette!

It’s useful to know about common smoking triggers, so you can be prepared on your quit smoking journey.

Did You Know?

Willpower – also known as ‘mental strength’ – is like a muscle. The more you work at it, the stronger it gets, which can be a huge help in your quit smoking attempt.
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